Best Places to Raise a Family in Loudoun County, Virginia

Best Places to Raise a Family in Loudoun County, Virginia

Loudoun County, Virginia is a unique destination as it’s just 25 miles from America’s capital but surrounded by some of the prettiest countrysides on the east coast. The county is known for its landscapes and suburban lifestyle while combining that with the tech world and a commuter market for those that have to work in The Beltway. If you’re looking for a new place to call home in this region, or are relocating there for work, you might be curious as to which neighborhood to call home.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the more popular neighborhoods in Loudoun County and those that are ideal for starting or raising a family in.

South Riding – This community gets high marks among families due to the public schools, a family favored atmosphere, access to great jobs and diversity. The cost of living is a testament to how popular the community is as it will cost nearly $500,000 to get into the median housing market. Residents who live there note its small-town charm with big city amenities.

Broadlands – This community is a favorite among suburban lovers for the schools, outdoor recreation and its overall commitment to wellbeing. The median home value is $576,000 which makes it less affordable for some, but ideal for others. Those who live there note the fantastic food and access to parks.

Brambleton – While not a great commuter market, it’s far from a poor one. Brambleton is an ideal community for families who want an excellent school system, great jobs, high marks in diversity and overall health and wellness scores. The median home price is $560,000.

Stone Ridge – This neighborhood offers a family a little more affordability as the median home price is $438,000. High marks in education are on trend with the rest of the county. The community is growing in both population and income and doesn’t show any sign of slowing.

Belmont This community is favored by families for schools, housing, and health primarily. The median home price is $679,000 and is competitive. Those who live in the neighborhood say it is quiet and people tend to live pretty independently with many different cultures occupying the area. This community is better for younger kids than it is for teens.

The Market as a Whole

The overall housing market in Loudoun County is down just over 10%, but home prices are up 5% over the same period last year. The market holds strong with very little change in inventory year over year and roughly the same amount of days on the market. Inventory is up just a bit, and homes stay on the market for about 50-55 days. From a forecasting standpoint, real estate data and experts suggest the market is “hot,” with anticipation for a good rest of 2019 real estate market.

There are so many great communities in Loudoun County so choosing won’t be easy, but hopefully, this offered a little more insight into the market and its future in 2019. If we can help you secure a quality home inspection, Lambert Home Inspections would be thrilled to be a part of your home buying journey. Call or connect with us online and let us help you with inspections services.